Ninja Blenders: Buyer’s Guide

by Kate M.
Updated May 20, 2020

We like the Ninja blenders for many reasons and feel they offer a really great selection to meet a range of needs. We’ve profiled a few Ninjas below to help you find what you are looking for in a blender. We’ll also explain some Ninja blender basics and review their trademarked technologies.

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  • Bottom Line
  • High Powered
    Ninja Chef Countertop Blender
    Ninja Chef Countertop Blender

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    At 1500 watts, the Ninja Chef is the highest-powered Ninja blender model recommended in our guide. It’s high capacity (72oz) and has 10 presets and 10 variable manual speeds—the highest Ninja offers. If you’re considering a high-end professional blender but have an eye towards budget, this is your model.
  • Full Kitchen System
    Ninja Smart Screen and Food Processor with FreshVac
    Smart Screen and Food Processor with FreshVac

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    This might be the best kitchen system available on the market. It’s a stable, tough unit with 1400 watts and more positive features than we have room to list. It comes with a 72 oz pitcher, a 40 oz food processor, and a 20 oz smoothie cup—and they all use the same base unit. It’s a super cool all-in-one set.
  • Multi-Purpose
    Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with NutriCups
    Professional Countertop Blender with NutriCups

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    Like the professional series blenders, it’s high-capacity (72 ounces) and high-powered (1100 watts). It has great downward suction and it stacks right up to the higher end blenders. It does everything you need and with the included nutricups (with their own blades)—it’s like having a bullet AND a countertop blender.
  • Retains Nutrients
    NutriNinja with Fresh Vac Technology
    NutriNinja with Fresh Vac Technology

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    A great and very powerful 1100 watt personal blender that’s even more powerful than the NutriNinja Pro. It costs a little more, but it comes with the FreshVac pump to remove the oxygen from the cup, resulting in a more nutrious drink with a smoother texture and a more vibrant color.
  • Good for Smoothies
    NutriNinja Pro Deluxe Blender
    NutriNinja Pro Deluxe (Ninja NutriEdge)

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    This is the one for you if you like making quick, easy smoothies for 1 – 2 people. You’ll appreciate that it packs some power and you’ll love that it’s easy to clean. It’s compact and will easily fit on your counter.

Blender Tech

Ninja Blender Technology

Ninja blenders by SharkNinja are wildly popular with consumers and they employ some cool technology on their blenders. Here’s an overview of the tech features you’ll find on some of their blenders and kitchen systems.

How to use the FreshVac™ Pump with your Single-Serve FreshVac Cup (CT600 Series & BL580)
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Auto-iQ™ Technology

Auto-iQ Technology is Ninja’s “smart” way of handling preset programs for the blender user’s intended end result (smoothie, frozen drink, etc…) Each preset has unique blending patterns and is smart enough to include pauses for that program—kind of like a human would do by watching the ingredients go round and then hitting pulse as needed. Instead, the Auto-iQ tech does that for you by eliminating the guesswork. When you select an Auto-iQ program on the screen, a timer appears on the display that either counts down to let you know how much time remains on the program to complete your blending. For manual speeds like High and Low, the timer counts up to help you keep track of how long you’ve been running the speed.

While you might not think the timer is necessary, we think this is cool to have because it allows you to get your blending routine down to a science. You can decide if you like to blend your smoothie on high for 10 seconds or for 30 and then exactly reproduce the results each morning.

Ninja Auto-iQ Technology

FreshVac™ Pump Technology

Ninja FreshVac Blender TechnologyPhoto by NinjaKitchenVacuum technology is relatively new in the blender industry. It came about as a solution to remedy the issue of oxygen being introduced into the fruits and vegetables as they hit the blender blades. Under normal circumstances, when you blend fruit in a blender, the skins are shredded from the outside. This means you’re getting good nutrient extraction while the fruit is being split open, but this also means that the air starts reacting with the fruit and oxidation immediately begins to take place. In case you’re not familiar, oxidation is the process that occurs when air meets the inside of produce. It’s what turns the insides of fruits like apples or bananas or avocados the color brown when you cut them open. One of the reasons people drink smoothies made with fresh produce is for the health benefits provided by those ingredients. One of the major health benefits found in fresh fruit and vegetables is phytonutrient antioxidants. But these antioxidants begin to degrade the second oxygen is introduced during the blending process causing the ingredients to start losing their antioxidant activity. Of course, it’s impossible to remove all the oxygen but vacuum technology works to decrease (or slow down) the introduction of oxygen during the blend, thereby creating a more nutritious and healthier drink.

The FreshVac pump available on some Ninja blender models we’ve reviewed, removes the oxygen before blending in one push of the button. So the nutrients, flavors, and colors of the ingredients are better preserved. Ninja also reports that you’ll see a “smooth texture with less foam and separation” when using the pump. And the result is indeed measurable—both by taste and by sight. When we look at a smoothie that has been blended after the oxygen has been removed, you can see the difference in the textures, as well as the brightness and steadfastness of the color. And when we look at a side by side comparison against a drink blended without the vacuum applied, you can actually still see the difference after several minutes with ingredients that oxidize visually more quickly like apples. The apples in the drink blended with vacuum technology retain their color longer and the drink turns brown less quickly than without the vacuum pump.

Some people complain that the batteries are short-lived on the FreshVac Pump. This is fairly true so if you find you use the pump daily and aren’t keen on buying batteries we want you to know there’s an AC adaptor for the pump available as a Ninja accessory.

Smart Vessel Recognition

Ninja’s kitchen systems use this pretty cool technology to recognize which vessel assembly (pitcher, food processor bowl, or smoothie cup) is connected to the base. The touchscreen then changes the pre-set Auto-iQ program menu options accordingly on the display. So for example, when the large, main pitcher is attached, the programs are set to: Frozen Drink, Smoothie, Ice Cream and Puree. But when the food processor is attached, your touchscreen options become: Puree, and Chop. And for the smoothie cup, the Frozen Drink, Smoothie, and Extract programs are displayed. While the labels for the Low, High, and Pulse programs remain constant for all three vessel attachments they do function differently for each Auto-iQ program by applying different patterns for pausing and pulsing. So your High speed for the Chop program is not the same High speed for the Frozen Drink program.

We think this technology is pretty cool. It really is like having three appliances in one base.

Nutrient Extraction

The term “nutrient extraction” is something you’ll see mentioned in Ninja product descriptions and even on some preset programs on the personal blenders. It refers to the way the blades are designed and engineered to cut through fruits and vegetables by splitting open the skins and “extracting” the nutrients while retaining the pulp and fiber of the produce.

How Sharp Are The Blades? Handle With Care!

Heads Up: The Ninja stacked blade assembly is crazy sharp! Use extra caution and care when handling or cleaning the blade on models with this blade—it’s sharper than you’d think!

What’s the Warranty on a Ninja Blender?

All Ninja blenders carry a 1 VIP Year warranty backed by SharkNinja. If you’d like longer protection, 2, 3 , 5, and 7 Year Limited and VIP warranties are available for purchase through SharkNinja. You may also obtain a Lifetime VIP Warranty. On refurbished models, 90 and 180 day warranties are available. Additionally, you can add on Protection Plans from vendors where you purchase your Ninja blender.

Popular Features of Ninja® Blenders

These are some of the notable features available from Ninja blenders that we love:

  • Locking lids.
  • High-capacity pitchers.
  • High peak performance motors.
  • Stacked blade assemblies in the center of the pitcher.
  • Smoothie cups with their own blade assemblies.
  • Auto-iQ preset programs.
  • FreshVac oxygen extraction pump options.
  • Smart Vessel Recognition technology.
  • Touchscreen controls.
  • Suction cup feet on the base units.
  • Retractable cord storage.
  • Kitchen system packages.
  • Great look and style.
  • Safety mechanism that prevents the blender from functioning if not properly assembled with the lid locked on.

A Few Ninja Blenders Worth Checking Out

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